Security Guards In Portland

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Security Guards In Portland


Blue Line services include uniformed security guards that are either armed or unarmed. Our highly skilled security professionals are particularly effective in business settings, residential communities, parking lots, entertainment venues, and government entities. We even offer night staffing at after hours corporate events.

These security personnel are capable of operating security checkpoints, office entrances, secure areas of buildings, check credentials, and even enforce masking policies to prevent the spread of viruses, such as COVID-19. The possibilities are endless. Without a doubt, there are many instances where security guards can be helpful. Their presence alone can make a huge improvement – in your peace of mind – and the environment where they are posted.

homeless mitigation

Blue Line has been partnering with businesses and local law enforcement officials for years to mitigate the effects of homeless populations on private property. Our team members have law enforcement backgrounds themselves or military training, or both. So we know how to take a firm, but compassionate approach to protecting the rights of business owners and their customers.

If you feel like you’re facing an impossible situation, chances are, someone has experienced the same thing. Regardless of your circumstances, we’ll tailor our security strategy to address your needs. It should be noted that the results of our efforts speak for themselves.


People in prominent positions can sometimes face threats from unknown adversaries. Whether you’re a business executive, a celebrity, or a public servant, it’s important to understand where a potential threat could come from. Our intelligence efforts can help. News reports and social media can be very helpful when it comes to anticipating a problem and stopping it in its tracks.

Our intelligence efforts include gathering, analyzing and applying information about threats and vulnerabilities to your security strategy. We work with you to determine the best course of action, then we follow through until the threat is mitigated.

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