Night Shift Security

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24/7 Security Patrol

what do night security do?

Whether you’re responsible for a business, religious organization, or educational institution, our overnight security team will patrol any areas you designate. The goal of our overnight service is to deter criminal activity which includes vandalism, theft, and trespassing. We’ll also install video surveillance equipment to monitor activity in multiple areas. Additionally, we can provide assistance to any visitors who may be onsite. Our services include parking lot patrols and homeless mitigation.

why do security guards work at night?

In today’s world, most corporations don’t have overnight operations. Even if they do, it’s important to protect business assets from criminals who operate under the cover of darkness. Many businesses are prone to vandalism or theft when this activity is less visible. When you’re asleep, the team at Blue Line will be vigilant in safeguarding your people and property. We’ll continuously patrol and monitor the inside and outside of your facilities so that any potential threats can be quickly mitigated.

We hire only the best

At Blue Line, we specifically recruit former military and law enforcement so these individuals can hit the ground running as soon as we hire them. We’d never send in a novice to do the job of a professional. Each of our job candidates is screened by our management team so you don’t need to worry about the caliber of our staff. They know how to communicate effectively, keep a level head, stay alert, and handle unpleasant situations with diligence and integrity. It’s this attention to detail that separates us in a very competitive security field. If you’re a business owner, security manager, or human resources professional in need of overnight security detail, call Blue Line today. 

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