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Corporate events are a nice way to ease new employees into the company environment, or to  help strengthen and develop employee relations. With corporate events come corporate event security. Safety is one of the most important things to keep in mind when throwing an event, especially if it is an company event. Ensuring employee safety can be done by taking safety precautions and protocols. Communication and identifying any possible endangerment are important in regards to optimizing safety when holding large scale events. 

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Corporate Event Safety

Corporate events are great resources when looking to build connections and brighten up your work environment. This all sounds great and dandy, however, the safety of those attending the event should not be underestimated. Large events with a bigger attendance are a major target for attacks, especially in today’s time. It is the responsibility of the company throwing the event to ensure the safety of their workers. With that being said, companies should always analyze every possible venue in mind and decide on the safest option. Afterwards, proceeding with a security company to monitor the facility would be the smartest option. Make sure to research and hire the most reliable security company. Companies known for having organized strategies and emergency and medical evacuation procedures are likely better options.

Risk Identification

A major turn around in terms of safety protocol is risk identification. Risk identification is always a must when it comes to any type of security team. Cutting off a threat before it becomes an issue is key to preventing conflict. There are many factors that are helpful, such as but not limited to: crowd size, weather, time of day, and location. Having eyes on all of these factors at all times is critical to ensuring attendee safety. Of course along with those factors there are also internal conflicts that need to be addressed. For example, access control or communication systems. Overall, assessing these things not only gives security teams time to prepare and organize a plan. It also prepares the security team to be more prepared for sudden incidents.


Security Planning

Continuing on the topic of security planning, it is always smart for security teams to be prepared for the worst possible situation. Even if it seems entirely unlikely, it is always better safe than sorry. This means picking out areas of the venue that may need more monitoring than others. Or restricting visitors from certain areas or running background checks on those who do have access. When looking at security companies, verify that each company does this. If not, they may not be the most reliable company to work with in terms of being prepared for emergency scenarios.

Access Control

Access control is another big one when it comes to event safety. Knowing who comes in and out of the facility is critical. Access control differs for every event, such as facial recognition software, retinal scans, or door locks and electronic readers. These vary based on the size of the event, how many people attend the event, and/or the budget that the company is offering to the security company. Knowing who comes in to an event is extremely important, as letting in the wrong person could lead to catastrophe. Make sure to do bag checks for any weapons or anything that can be used to harm others to prevent conflict.


Crisis Management

Finally, crisis management. In other words, how a team reacts in the moment a threat is close to or is causing endangerment to people at the event. Proper crisis management can quickly deter an occurring conflict and help possible victims escape. Not only that, it also saves the reputation of the company. It  helps avoid any additional financial compensation the company may have to provide if anything were to happen. Having a plan to immediately notify vendors and authorities as well as an evacuation strategy can entirely change the outcome of an event. 


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In conclusion, corporate event security is extremely important and something to think about in regards to the safety of your employees. Even if your company is not as widespread as Apple or Nike, your employees can still be in danger, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are looking to hire personnel to guard an event, look to Blue Line Courier for quality security teams.